What is Naviglo?

Have you planned a trip only to find out you accomplished half of what you planned? Have you felt rushed with getting herded up, squeezed into a coach and moved around to various locations? And have you felt exhausted at the end of each day, up to and even past the point you reach home?

As travellers, we have experienced all of these ourselves and understand the frustration of incomplete itineraries and the sheer exhaustion from a rushed tour. Unknown factors are abound, delaying your itinerary. If you have a tight itinerary, that could mean missing out on a few destinations, or worse, losing a booking! For example, Google Maps, an excellent planning tool, also struggle to understand Bangkok. A 15 minute estimation could be double, sometimes even triple that. 

All these experiences are definitely memorable, but it adds undue stress, and you’re here to lose it, not pile on more!

Bangkok is an assault on the senses, and sometimes, it can be too much!

And that is where Naviglo strives to be different. We offer both custom tours bespoke to your wants and needs, and single-day tours to give you glimpses of Thailand. Not only do we pay attention to the pace of each day, but we also take into consideration the pace of the entire time you’re with us.

Want to tough it out yourself? We get you. Take a look at our list of competitively priced tickets to various attractions around Thailand. Let us deal with the logistics so you can focus on the exploring! No more travelling to an attraction only to find out it’s sold out or closed. No more settling for less because someone got there minutes before you and got the last ticket.

With an ever-growing network of partners, we aim to provide more choices and convenience, with a unique level of service. Naviglo, dedicated to taking you on a journey full of memorable experiences for all your senses.