Tour Feature:
Samut Prakan.

If you have just 1 day to spare, check out our Samut Prakan tour! This tour will take you to the absolute must-sees in Bangkok, and will give you an introduction to Thai culture and landmarks. This tour hits on the Erawan Museum, Ancient City and the now extremely popular Ratchada Train Night Market.

Erawan Museum

Starting at the Erawan Musuem, the first thing that greats you is the giant statue of a 3-headed elephant standing on the main building. Massive and imposing, take a look at it from all angles in the surround garden. Don’t miss out on the small statues of mythical creatures, some standing proudly in the water relief, while others hide in the plants!

After exploring the garden, head into the pink building the elephant is standing on, and get awed at the intricate carvings and decor of the building. Find out the history of this museum as you explore all 4 floors of it. On the 3rd floor are where ancient relics are kept, and photography is not allowed. Enter and feel the humbling atmosphere!

Don’t miss out on the basement, which entrance is located at the stairs outside of the building! There you will be able to find out much more about the history of the museum as well as the culture and believes of Thailand.

Muang Boran
(Ancient City)

This is your best way of getting a feel of Thailand, all within a day! Think of Ancient City as a replica of Thailand, showcasing all the major landmarks of Thailand. Covering 200 acres of land, it is shaped like the country of Thailand, with replicas of the landmarks scaled down to size at their respective locations. 

Travel around the Ancient City is easy with 3 different options; bicycle, tram or golf cart. For this tour, you will be able to choose between the bicycle or tram, but if you want the golf cart, feel free to ask!

It takes about 3 hours to fully explode the Ancient City, and it’s highly recommended to keep yourself protected from the sun with sun block, and always have a bottle of water with you. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera, as there are plenty of amazing sights to see!

Seagull Watching & Feeding

After Muang Boran and on the way back to Bangkok, there will be a stop at a pier, where you can see flocks of seagulls gather. They fly around the pier, and expertly snatches food that is tossed in the air. You can buy feed from the pier itself and try tossing them up! 


Telad Rot Fai Ratchada
(Ratchada Train Night Market)

The tour ends at Talad Rot Fai Ratchada, otherwise known as the Ratchada Train Night Market. It is filled with rows and rows of stalls, selling a wide variety of products. By this time, you’d want dinner, and there are plenty of options available. Restaurants, street food vendors and popular Thai dishes, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. 

After your meal, get ready for a shopping spree as you window shop down the isles of souvenirs, clothes and knick knacks! With all the goods on sale at reasonable prices, you will certainly not leave empty handed. 

After you are done with dinner and shopping, a great place to wind down and people watch as the sun sets would be the back row of bars. With decently priced drinks on tap, choose from international brands, or more unique concoctions to sip on. There is no rush to leave, as the market closes late, past 12 am.


Does this tour sound interesting? Contact us to get a tour just like this, or have a custom tour that includes some of these locations in your itinerary!